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A key component of our work is information sharing. There is over 30 years of scientifically valid research on LGBTQ-headed families, but you wouldn’t know it. On public airwaves, elected officials and fundamentalist “experts” are telling heinous lies and spreading misinformation about our families. We will not stand for it! 

We are committed to combating this hurtful misinformation campaign with truth, evidence and research.

We know that our families have always spoken with great passion and conviction. Family Pride is here to add credible facts and easy-to-understand statistics. Our body of educational information is designed to provide everyone interested in fighting for family equality access to the tools and information they need.  

Through Family Pride publications, at-a-glance guides, special releases and a searchable database, we are here to connect you to the most robust, up-to-date and accurate information about our families.

Did you know?

1/5 of gay men
and 1/3 of lesbians have children.
(US Census, 2000)

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