the Rainbow Report Card:
making our schools safer and more inclusive

"The Rainbow Report Card is not a survey—it’s an action guide for LGBTQ parents and allies to make their school experiences better, safer and more inclusive of our families."

We at Family Pride are proud to present the Rainbow Report Card, an interactive tool that generates custom recommendations for your family’s situation in schools. As LGBTQ parents and allies, we are primarily responsible for our children’s well-being. But teachers and school officials come in a close second. For most of us, our children spend 7+ hours a day with other caretakers. These professionals are charged with developing our kids into great minds and capable citizens.

Oftentimes, though, these professionals don’t know how to handle LGBTQ families. The Rainbow Report Card understands that many educators mean well but lack the resources to support us. It also understands that some people go out of their way to make the lives of LGBTQ families difficult. We address these many situations in the questions we ask and the responses we generate just for you.

My wife, Cheryl, and I know that encouraging our sons’ school to be more inclusive each day makes a world of difference in Tim and Tom’s education. The process of making schools better will be different for all of us, but I thank you for starting here. The Rainbow Report Card is only the beginning of a series of projects Family Pride will launch aimed at empowering parents like you to make change in schools. Spread the word and give us your feedback. Get started by clicking here.

All my best,

Jennifer Chrisler
Executive Director of Family Pride

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Family Pride is the national advocacy organization committed to securing family equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer parents, guardians and allies. Making schools safe and inclusive for all loving families is part of our important work. Click here to see if your school measures up.

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