Your family story is designed to give readers a quick but comprehensive overview; a sense of you, your family, you as a parent, your children's exeriences, what your family needs and what they, as readers, can do to help. This format is taken from the OUTSpoken Speaker's Toolkit, pages 44-45.

You may want to touch upon the following:

> Your name and the names and ages of people in your family
> Where your grew up and where you live
> How did you create your family? Why, when, and how?
> If you're a single parent, talk about it
> If you have a partner, when did you meet? Tell us a quick anecdotal love story
> Some parenting experiences (the joys, the challenges)
> Tell us about your children's experiences
> What does your family need in terms of advocacy, education, and supprt?
> Share a milestone to which you're looking forward

Please limit your story to 300 words or less